Choose Veterans was created by the son of two US Marines who has a passion for helping veterans find support for navigating life in the military, during their transition to civilian life, and beyond.

Personally speaking, I’ve seen a flow of mailed letters from the government about a variety of topics, mainly health-related items over the years that have come through saying my family needed to be aware of some medication, situations in the past, or exposure that we had to something on base or in the field. I’m hoping this site can help those who need to connect, talk, and figure out the best ways forward together.

I wish my parents had these resources to combat those issues, but we’re going to be creating and researching to provide veterans with great content. We’re organizing our website so you have the best articles and information to help you succeed and not only achieve the basics, but to get the most out of life and your past experience supporting our country.

We hope you enjoy all of our free features and look forward to seeing all your activity on our forums.

We don’t ask for any fees for these services, but do have ads on our pages so that we can continue supporting this site, generate new content, and keep you engaged and entertained!